Thursday, February 26, 2015

Astronauts from Space Shuttle Challenger (STS-7)

Space Shuttle Orbiter (Challenger) Crew Members ....
Astronauts of the first five-member crew, for the seventh Space Orbital Flight (STS-7) are left to right first row:  Sally K. Ride (Mission Specialist), Robert L. Crippen (Commander), Frederick H. Hauck, (Pilot); rear row: John M. Fabian (left) and Norman E. Thagard, (Mission Specialists).  The 6 day mission performed in "almost flawless fashion" as it accomplished 96 % of its objectives and there were far fewer "anomalies" than on any previous mission.  The slight goof-up involved some brief, balky behavior by an auxiliary power unit(s) (APUS). The crew set out two commercial communication satellites, one Canadian, the other Indonesian.  The Challenger crew members also activated other experiments of commercial value.  June 18, 1983

Courtesy of NASA

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