Tuesday, January 19, 2016

NASA's 41-C, Space Shuttle Challenger, Insignia / Emblem

41-C Crew Insignia

The patch to be worn by the five members of NASA's 41-C space mission tells the story of that flight.  It features a helmet visor of an astronaut performing extravehicular activity.  In the visor are reflected the sun's rays, the Challenger and its remote manipulator system (RMS) deploying the long duration exposure facility (LDEF), the Earth and blue sky, and another astronaut working at the damaged Solar Maximum Satellite (SMS).  The scene is encircled by the surnames of the crew members.  They are Astronauts Robert L. Crippen, commander; Francis R. (Dick) Scobbe, pilot; and Terry J. Hart, James D. Van Hoften and George D. Nelson, all mission specialists.

Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

Official NASA Photograph

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STS-41-C was NASA's 11th Space Shuttle mission, and the fifth mission of Space Shuttle Challenger. The launch took place on April 6, 1984.

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