Saturday, July 2, 2016

STS-8 Astronauts, Beat Army, Fly Navy

Beat Army - Fly Navy

STS-8 Onboard Scene
Following a precedent set early two decades ago during the Gemini program, three members of the STS-8 astronaut crew aboard the Earth-orbiting Space Shuttle Challenger reveal their military backgrounds and loyalties.  Astronauts (left to right) Dale A. Gardner, Richard H. Truly and Daniel C. Brandenstein leave no mystery as to their alma mater and grid-iron sentimentalities as they display U.S. Navy stickers.  The trio was photographed by Astronaut Guion S. Bluford on the flight deck.  Truly is crew commander; Brandenstein, Pilot; and Gardner and Bluford, along with Dr. William E. Thornton are all mission specialists for this six-day flight.

Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

Official NASA Photograph

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STS-8 launched on August 30, 1983.

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