Friday, February 6, 2015

Challenger Astronauts - 41-G Mission

Johnson Space Center, Houston Texas

41-G Crewmembers - The Space Shuttle Challenger carried these seven persons into space NASA's 41-G mission.  They are (bottom row, left to right) Astronauts Jon A. McBride, pilot; and Sally K Ride, Kathryn D. Sullivan and David C. Leestma - all mission specialists.  Astronaut Robert L. Crippen crew commander, is flanked by Paul D. Scully-Power and Marc Garneau, payload specialists.

Photo by NASA

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STS-41-G was the 13th flight of NASA's Space Shuttle program and the sixth flight of Space Shuttle Challenger. Challenger launched on 5 October 1984.

STS-41-G was the third shuttle mission to carry an IMAX camera on board to document the flight. Film footage from the mission (including Sullivan and David Leestma's EVA) appeared in the IMAX movie The Dream is Alive.

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