Friday, February 6, 2015

US Space Park at the New York World's Fair 1964-65, Saturn V

U.S. Space Park
New York World's Fair 1964 - 1965
Saturn V Boat Tail -
The 52-foot tall business end of the largest launch vehicle in the world, showing the five engines which will develop 7,500,000 pounds of thrust at take-off, and send three Americans to the moon.

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The United States Space Park was a 2 acre site sponsored by NASA, the Department of Defense and the fair. Exhibits included a full-scale model of the aft skirt and five F-1 engines of the first stage of a Saturn V (shown in the postcard above), a Titan II booster with a Gemini capsule, an Atlas with a Mercury capsule and a Thor-Delta rocket. On display at ground level were Aurora 7, the Mercury capsule flown on the second US manned orbital flight; full-scale models of an X-15 aircraft, an Agena upper stage; a Gemini spacecraft; an Apollo command/service module, and a Lunar Excursion Module. Replicas of unmanned spacecraft included lunar probe Ranger VII; Mariner II and Mariner IV; Syncom, Telstar I, and Echo II communications satellites; Explorer I and Explorer XVI; and Tiros and Nimbus weather satellites.

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